boigrrlica (boigrrlica) wrote in denver_glbt,

stolen scooter

hi all, i'm sorry that my first post here has to be about something bad, but my roomie's scooter got stolen this afternoon (15oct).. she had it parked in it's usual spot by the back door of the building. i went out at about 2:00 and it was there, and it wasn't when i got back at 3:30. at first i thought she had gone riding, but i got into the apartment and she was home, so we called the police.

can anyone recommend places to look to see if someone tried to sell it or pawn it or dump it? i'd sure appreciate if everyone can please please keep an eye out for it. it was her only transportation, and she doesn't have the money to replace it, as she's on disability.

*) green and white pico flyscoot with a black seat and a luggage rack on the back
*) has three broken turn signal pods
*) has a heavy black cable lock on the luggage rack
*) has a black and white sticker on the front with the traditional handicap symbol, but with a heart instead of a wheel, and the text "" on it
*) has a pink triangle sticker on the rear

if you see it or know anything, PLEASE call me at 720/291-9691, thanks so much!
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